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Increase Email Marketing ROI with these 5 stats in mind

 It’s one of the most overlooked elements of a marketing strategy. Email marketing gets passed by for sexier TV ads and trendier social media ad spends. But, email can be a killer way to reach out to your audience, share your brand personality, and translate both into the email marketing ROI you're after.

Not all emails are created equal, of course. There’s spam—or really there’s too much spam. Then there are the email campaigns that actually work.


Here are five email marketing stats to keep in mind so that your campaigns get opened, clicked on, and loved.

35% open emails based on the subject line alone


There are only a couple of things an email user sees when they receive a new message. One of the most important is the subject line. So don’t gloss over this part of the process; put in some effort.

Create concise, relevant, and even catchy subject lines. Neil Patel adds that headlines should deliver on a user’s curiosity and urgency.

Curiosity: “Buffer has been hacked – here is what’s going on”

Urgency: “Where to Drink Beer Right Now” (Eater Boston)

You only get a couple of seconds to convince a user your email is worth reading. Make the most of those seconds. If you know your audience well, you’ll know what kind of headlines to deliver. Maybe they’d respond best to a funny headline. Maybe they’d prefer informational. Start with what you know, then test, and refine.


55% of email opens occur on a mobile device


It’s clear by now that mobile devices hold a place of priority in our lives. We use them for directions, to find places to eat, and to chat with friends. So it’s no surprise we also use them for our email.

Why is this important for your email marketing strategy? If your messages don’t look good on a mobile device, consider around 50% of your audience lost. Unresponsive design will yield high bounce rates and even higher unsubscribe rates.

Responsive email design will help give your readers a great experience. Great experiences lead to customer loyalty, better engagement and revenue.

Social media buttons in emails increase click-through by 158%


The classic saying is that two heads is better than one. For email marketing that means adding in the second head of social media.

It’s easy to get caught up in one piece of content and forget that it’s part of a bigger plan. Email marketing should not exist by itself. It’s part of the whole strategy, so sometimes it makes sense to add in other elements to enhance the email. (Just don’t make the call to action confusing to the reader.)



With email marketing, forgetting to include social media sharing buttons and account links leaves opportunity on the table. Social media share buttons in emails can help increase reach and encourage customer action.

You can also use social media to add more email subscribers. The two mediums can work hand in hand to boost your efforts.

Most recipients spend between 0-3 seconds reading an email


So you got somebody to open your email; congrats! Now the trick is to get them to read it. Odds are, you’re not going to have a lot of time to convey your message.

Most readers will be done within less than 3 seconds. You have to make that time count. That means choosing your content wisely (and using smart design—see above).

Stick with one topic. There’s not enough time to drive readers to every single thing your company is doing. Choose the one that’s most important for your business goals that month, and create one call to action (CTA) to drive engagement.


On average, emails earn $44 for every $1 spent


You can’t talk marketing without talking about return on investment (ROI). And, good news! Email marketing can have a solid ROI.

It’ll take some effort to craft a worthwhile email, but that effort will pay off. Knowing that, the main takeaway is that you should be doing email marketing.

You should also be doing email marketing consistently. Email subscribers signed up to hear from you; it’s an active audience. Deliver what they’re expecting: regularly scheduled emails. That way you’ll be able to optimize ROI and make the most out of your email marketing campaign.

Email is just one of many strategies that can drive success for your marketing efforts. For more tips on email and more proven marketing strategies, download this free guide.

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