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Stop Wasting Valuable Time; Simplify Your Social Media Routine

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So you’ve developed your social media strategy; you’ve set goals for yourself, figured out where your customers hang out online, and set yourself up with some tools to monitor and engage with them...now what? It’s time to create a social media routine you can stick with.

To have the greatest shot at sticking with a routine you need to make it as simple as possible. Use this simple 5-step process to manage your daily social media processes and still create greater engagement with your prospects and customers. Not only will it simplify your social media routine, it will free up time that can be better spent actually running your business.

So, give yourself a time allowance and once it’s up, move on to the next pressing item on your agenda.

Step 1 - Listen

Estimated time per day: 10 minutes

Monitor social media streams for mentions of your brand and other important keywords.  Looking for a monitoring tool? Check out this rundown of some of our favorite tools.

Hootsuite keyword streams monitoring brand mentions

Using streams, you can focus on only the most important conversations, and more often than not, respond and engage right from within the monitoring tool. Use your allotted time to respond to any reviews, especially the negative ones. Take time to give thanks for positive ones.

Step 2 - Write Meaningful Content

Estimated time per day: 20 minutes

(Tip: to simplify, spend 90 minutes 1 day each week and schedule posts to publish throughout the week using tools like HubSpot or Buffer.)

Create content for your target audience. Remember that different types of content (text, images, video or audio) work well on different social channels. Use the right content for the platform and audience. Also be sure to:

  • Include keywords relevant to your topic in the title and body of your post.
  • Use calls to action to drive traffic back to your website and social sharing buttons for broader exposure.
  • Consider using paid ads to amplify your content.
  • Pose questions to your audience to start conversations and drive engagement.

Step 3 - Share Valuable Content

Estimated time per day: 5-10 minutes

You can’t spend all of your time creating content, so it’s important to read the content produced by peers and other influencers in your industry. You can do this by subscribing individually to a range of blogs and 

Feedly social media content articles aggregated in one place

reading them as they hit your inbox (sounds tedious, doesn’t it?) or you can use a tool like Feedly to aggregate articles in one convenient place. Share them with your audience and offer your unique perspective to keep your audience engaged.

(TIP: be careful sharing articles you haven’t actually read! You wouldn’t want to promote something you you don’t believe or that wouldn’t benefit your audience.)

Step 4 - Nurture Customer Relationships

Estimated time per day: 5-10 minutes

Arguably, the most important part of your social media routine should be building and nurturing relationships. Build your community by looking for new followers with whom you can engage. Scan your streams and find people that are sharing great content and comment on their posts, follow them, and ask questions. You can also:

  • Engage with influencers in your industry.
  • Set up Google alerts for keywords in which your audience is interested.
  • Respond to Quora or Reddit discussions.
  • Participate in discussions in LinkedIn Groups.

Step 5 - Analyze Your Performance and Adjust

Estimated time per day: 3 minutes

Combine those 3 daily minutes into 30 minutes every couple of weeks to review the results of your efforts. Set out specific statistics that are important to you and your goals. Monitor and track those statistics to determine:

  • which posts performed well
  • which posts didn’t
  • which types of content (images, questions, humor, etc.) performed best
  • which times of day or days of the week performed better than others
  • what happens when you engage with people? (Do you see a lift in followers? Do you see higher web traffic?)

Once you review how well your activity performed (or didn’t), determine the steps necessary to improve and make those adjustments for the upcoming weeks.

Based on the information listed in this post (and feel free to add more if you have more time!), here is an example routine you can shoot for each day or week.

Daily (example: each day 10:00-10:30 AM)

10 minutes - Monitor streams and respond

10 minutes - Share other people’s content

10 minutes - Engage and nurture relationships

Weekly (example: each Monday 9:00-10:30 AM)

90 minutes - Create content for your audience including images, links, and insight.

Bi-weekly (example: every other Friday 9:30-10:00 AM)

30 minutes - Review and analyze performance

There you have it, a straightforward 5-step process to simplify your social media routine! Seems pretty simple when it’s broken out in an easy-to-follow schedule. Give it a shot. But give it at least 21 days to see if you can stick with it and to see if there are any improvements in your results.

Not sure how to execute on everything we discussed? Give us a call, and we can help! For more tips on monitoring your social media channels, download our free ebook "How to Monitor Social Media in 10 Minutes a Day."

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